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Custom WordPress Development

Several years ago, there was considerable talk within the online community about WordPress overtaking all other forms of web development. While such a feat was quite an ask, and probably something that would only ever exist in the intimate dreams of its founders, WordPress has become more and more relevant as time has gone on. […]

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What We Do as Website Developers

What makes us who we are? What do we believe in? What’s our design philosophy? And most importantly, how can we (and I) help you…? The internet’s a pretty big place. Among all the pictures of funny cats, pizza recipes and forums complaining about the inaccuracy of the latest Star Trek movie, exists a grey […]

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Another Snowy Day

It’s another one of those days where I’m blessed to work from the comforts of my home office. ???? ???? I LOVE watching the snow fall outside my window while I tap away at the keys of my computer sipping my hot coffee without a care in the world. And for this, I disgust Chicago […]

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New Marketing Video

I know when I go to a website, I’ll leave if there’s not a good visual representation of what that site, service, or product will do for me. I know it’s weird, especially since, years ago, when you bought anything it was a crap shoot. (Maybe that’s why my mom chose to buy at yard […]

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Customerhub Design. It’s not as easy as it seems.

For years I’ve been working with Customerhub exclusively. That’s right, Infusionsoft’s Customerhub Marketplace Addon. I actually work as a contractor for Infusionsoft to make sure their clients receive the most professional looking Customerhub Design possible. Not many have mastered Customerhub Design, but I humbly say, I have. I’m the master of modesty, but lets face […]

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Finding A Freelance Website Designer

Are you looking for a freelance website designer and developer to develop, maintain, or scale your website and business online business marketing? Here’s some things that will help you to find the right designer for you and your company: 1. When contacting a freelance website designer and developer, make sure they ASK ABOUT YOU!  A […]

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It’s a new year, it’s a new life

As a majority of you know, I’m on my own again! ???? ????????? bwin Bitter sweet, but ultimately it needed to be done, for my own sanity and conscience. ?????????? ????? Now back to a 100%, Full time, Freelance website designer, I’m in the drivers seat again, and the seat is warm and comfy.. ???? […]

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It’s time for a website makeover!

According to my FTP files, i’ve had this SAME site for about 3 years now.. HOLY CRAP! That’s honestly the longest my website has ever been the same. I can blame my full time position at True Productions for the last year of no changes, but it’s time for a little spring cleaning.. ??? ???? […]

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How to remove the right side column / sidebar in CustomerHub

Removing the right sidebar in the Customerhub can be done easily through CSS and Customerhubs’ Customize Theme page. If you’re using the Tabbed nav v1 (no longer available, but if you still have it active, it’s there): #right_column {display:none;} /*insert pixel width that expands over the right column below */ #left_column {width: 960px;}   Update: This […]

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