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How To Add an Emoji to an Infusionsoft Email

Emojis are a dandy alternative when there’s a word in your subject line that can be replaced with a picture. For Instance, rather than “love” use “😍” for a Valentine’s Day promotion. This helps shorten the subject and makes it stand out. That being said you do not want the meaning lost, therefore use this […]

PlusThis Certified Partner Discount

I’ve worked hard to get this offer for you guys! gets you 15% off PlusThis!!!! It’s not just for infusionsoft guys, this is an amazing tool that does a majority of the stuff you wish your CRM and automation marketing tool did, but it doesn’t. I’ll pass on the commission I get right back to […]

StoryBrand Trained.. and has two thumbs..

Who has two thumbs and is now StoryBrand Certified Trained? THIS GIRL! Why should you be excited?! Because you’re a human being who gets excited for other people’s accomplishments… dammit. (And I got jokes.) “So what is this ‘StoryBrand’, and what’s it all mean?!” Glad I made you ask! It means, I am now even more […]

How much does it cost to have a website built?

Website quotes from here, website quotes from there.. Let’s face it, there’s a lot of variances when it comes to who charges what for a website. There are quite a few factors in play when it comes to receiving a quote and knowing whether or not to accept it and move forward with that contractor […]

What We Do as Website Developers

What makes us who we are? What do we believe in? What’s our design philosophy? And most importantly, how can we (and I) help you…? The internet’s a pretty big place. Among all the pictures of funny cats, pizza recipes and forums complaining about the inaccuracy of the latest Star Trek movie, exists a grey […]

Domain name VS Web Hosting

I’ve had a few client issues lately regarding domain names and hosting. I offer both services to my clients as a convenience, and although I think i’ve touched on this blog topic before, I wanted to re-iterate the difference between domain names and web hosting. In my 10+ Years of doing website design, you can imagine, […]

Should You Tip a Freelance Website Designer?

I sometimes joke with my clients in an attempt to make light of an over-billing or duplicate invoice disaster by trying to cover up my mistake by proclaiming “I ACCEPT TIPS!”… but it’s really just a bad joke; An attempt to make light of the fact that I’m human and running a one woman show […]

Lorem Ipsum say what?

When website designers create rough designs of websites to show clients the design they’ve come up with, they often use Lorem Ipsum text instead of  actual content text. Alot of people get confused as to what language its in and it sometimes scares people, so I figured I’d put up a post about what it […]

How to keep up with internet technologies

As a freelance website designer, let me be the first to tell you, it’s not easy keeping up with the latest and greatest in what the internet has to offer. After doing what I do for almost 10 years now, i still have to google some things that clients request in order to learn about […]

Freelance Website Designer Tips

Quick Tip: Be a website designer because you love it. Long hours aren’t for everyone, but at the end of the day (which there never seems to be), you’re your own boss and THAT my friends, is priceless! 1xbet ??? ???? Stressful as a mo’ fo’, but PRICELESS!

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