Custom WordPress Development

Several years ago, there was considerable talk within the online community about WordPress overtaking all other forms of web development. While such a feat was quite an ask, and probably something that would only ever exist in the intimate dreams of its founders, WordPress has become more and more relevant as time has gone on. […]

Should you update to WordPress 3.5

Of course you should! The question isn’t whether or not you should update your wordpress site, it’s when should you update your wordpress site! With any huge release, there’s a period of time you should wait to let other plugins and even wordpress itself fix a few bugs that are bound to arise with such […]

CMS WordPress Website Design & Why

In the web design world, we call wordpress a CMS. A CMS is a content management system, and is vital to non-internet saavy clients that need to update their website on regular basis. Even if you dont need to update your site on a regular basis, you should, and here's why:


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