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About Steph Borel
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Steph on her Motorcycle in between web design jobs

Steph Borel is not only a certified computer nerd, but she is also a singer/songwriter, and enjoys being creative 24-7, and clears her mind on long motorcycle rides (weather permitting, being in Chicago and all).

Who’s developing your website?

Steph Borel is a Website Designer and Web Developer, that specializes in custom WordPress theme design and development. She’s also worked with many Infusionsoft clients, as well as the company itself, as a contractor doing custom Customerhub Design packages. She’s also worked as a contractor for Emerald Connect (a web based platform for financial advisor websites), and continues to work with their clients on her own to create custom designs and implement them so they can stand out from the rest of the financial advisors who are just choosing themes within the platform.

Steph has been doing web design and development work for 15 years now, since 2002 (ugh, i’m getting old! lol), and loves working with WordPress, Infusionsoft users, Emerald Connect financial advisors, and enjoys doing low cost work for indie music artists, painters, etc, since she is a singer/songwriter herself in her spare time. (If you’re in the Phoenix area, come see a gig!)

Unlike most freelancers, Steph does this full time! On the weekends, you can find her hanging out with her two kiddos,  strumming her guitar, or outside on a nice day going for a long bike ride on her cruiser (seen on the left, giving her some love).

Steph’s work style is pretty client focused. She refuses to re-invent the wheel when it comes to web development. She keeps up to date on the latest design trends as well as making sure development is done in a way that complies with Google and other search engines continually changing algorithms. You receive a clean coded website, and personalized video tutorials showing you how to add and edit the content of your website. Your website will be developed organically and will be upgradable when new releases of WordPress come out. (And let’s face it, updates come out quite often).

Bottom line, Steph is just a hard working computer nerd, who loves what she does, which is creating websites that you and your company can be proud of calling your own. She’s outgoing, and attentive, and responds to emails and communication mostly in the morning, so that she can concentrate on web design projects to get those completed in a timely manner without sacrificing your website’s quality.

Steph also loves to take already designed websites (from graphic artists) and turn them into functioning WordPress themes THE RIGHT WAY, so the themes last and aren’t bloated with unnecessary bells and whistles that just slow down your website . So if you’re a company looking to add on a wordpress developer to develop your clients already approved designs, I’m always open to contract work.