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WordPress Security Update – Wordfence is now by Defiant Inc.

WordPress security is important, So when I received an email recently, I started getting VERY confused. The subject was “Wordfence is now Defiant”. My first reaction was, “Don’t do this to me Wordfence!!!”, but it’s not as bad as I thought it was.

Check it out.

So Wordfence use to be the company name, and now they’re changing their COMPANY name to Defiant Inc. Easy right? Why they don’t just say that is beyond me, but I can only imagine it’s because people like me wouldn’t have opened up their email.

Here’s what the email states:

Today we are excited to announce that we are changing our corporate name to Defiant Inc. You can read the official announcement on our new corporate website at You can also learn more about our company on the home page

We have published a FAQ about the change on the official Wordfence blog.

This change brings our products and services like Wordfence, Gravityscan and our site cleaning and audit services under a single corporate name that we will use going forward. 

I’d like to thank you, on behalf of my team, for being a Defiant customer. Whether you use Wordfence, Gravityscan or another Defiant product, we look forward to a secure future with you.

Mark Maunder
Defiant CEO


Ok, so.. Let’s recap…

Wordfence is still Wordfence. The WordPress Security plugin that I use on all my clients websites.. no name change..

The company that produces and maintains the Wordfence plugin now goes by Defiant, INC. (Noted, but not something to write home about because it’s not going to mess up the way I or anyone else should set up their WordPress security).

So, problem solved, and case closed.

Keep using Wordfence!

(It’s a plugin by Defiant, INC.!! lol)



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